In-House Membership

The dental care you need is within reach! Dental insurance is oftentimes costly and difficult to use. At Center for Smiles, we are now excited to offer our Healthy Smile Society, our in-house membership plan that is designed to get you the care you need from the providers you love at a low and predictable fee.

What Does Membership Include?

$599- New Patients*

2 Healthy Cleanings

Comprehensive Exam

Follow Up Exam


$499 – Patients of Record*

2 Healthy Cleanings

2 Comprehensive Exams

Recall X-rays

*Perio plan available for an additional fee as determined by dental specialists and individual patient needs.

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You deserve the dental care you need at the practice you know and love. Take the first step toward a healthy, beautiful smile, and enroll today.

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Your Dental Insurance Doesn’t Need to Restrict Your Dental Care!

Visit the dental experts that you prefer, while receiving the care you need – not just what a restricted dental insurance plan allows! Our Healthy Smile Society is designed to help both those without insurance and those with restricted insurance plans get the care they need. Enroll today or contact us to learn more!

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