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Hands down, the best dentist you will ever find. I am OBSESSED with my teeth and unfortunately experienced an accident which knocked out my two front ones and left me in an absolute panic. Thankfully, Dr. Rallis is as much of a perfectionist as I am. He is painstaking in his efforts to create a beautiful, NATURAL (no toilet bowl white chicklet teeth) smile and employs the absolute latest in cutting edge technology. Looking at me, you would never guess that I have two crowns because they blend so beautifully with the rest of my teeth. Even if he was the biggest, most arrogant jerk on Earth I would still be hopelessly devoted to his practice but despite his rare artistic gift he is incredibly humble, non aggressive, compassionate, and understanding. He makes me feel totally comfortable and his entire staff is equally competent and kind. My entire family is under Dr. Rallis' care and we have the gorgeous smiles to prove it.

Nickie S.

Dr. Rallis and his team are very professional. They care about their patients. I have been seeing Dr. Rallis for over 15 years. The office is clean and modern. Dr. Rallis is up to date on the latest dentistry. I highly recommend The Center of Smiles. You will be very happy with your results.

Susan C.

The receptionist sat me down before the doctor saw me and explained my benefits through my insurance and also told me the amount I would be responsible for. The doctor is genuine, he explained everything in detail and made me feel like he wanted to take care of me. The entire staff was very nice and friendly. I usually have a lot of anxiety around dentists but I left their office very relieved!!

Jennie K.

I met Dr. Rallis and staff 2 years ago after my Dentist of 30+ years retired. Vera is amazing...and manages to fit me in at the most amazing times (super-busy guy here!). Diana knows how to clean teeth better than anyone I've ever dealt with! Dr. Rallis and his assistants recently installed an implant and I'm amazed at the technology that they have right in their office! In a matter of two hours, I have a beautiful, new tooth! But the best part is - they make you feel like you're the ONLY patient they have! You have their full attention anytime you walk in the door! I highly recommend them!

Bill O.

When I fell at the age of seven my buck teeth stuck out so much that they were the first thing to hit the sidewalk. My father paid half a year's salary to correct my overbite but the chipped and scraped front teeth were not fixed until I was an adult. The first two dentists gave me crowns and veneers that were as big as the original teeth, which seemed normal to me. The second bestowed the added bonus of a black outline on the top of one of the teeth that he insisted could not be fixed. As a professional I felt a little embarrassed by it. When I met Dr. Nick Rallis he assured me that he could fix it. He also, very gently, suggested that the teeth were perhaps a little too big. Which didn't really register with me having lived with two big front teeth my entire life. I was a patient of Dr. Rallis' for almost two years before I finally fixed the teeth. It seemed cosmetic and not necessary and I kept putting it off. Finally one day when we were talking about it he said, "Just do it." Over the past two years I have built an enormous amount of respect for and trust in Dr. Rallis. So when he said that I knew he was right.

There are many posts about how professional and outstanding everyone at the Center for Smiles is. I add my voice. I am equally impressed at how caring Dr. Rallis is of his staff personally and professionally. He runs his practice like a business with warmth, efficiency and skill. Everyone knows their job and is continually improving. I was not prepared for the result that his keen eye delivered. I now have a movie-star smile. What I never thought was wrong is now 100% better. This is what happens when you have trust.

Teresa O.

I went to Dr. Rallis' office for an opinion about fixing my open bite. He was very patient when explaining all the details about the best option for me. He visually showed me all the process, which made me more confident. He answered all my questions. His staff was very welcoming and helpful. The office is very neat and clean. I highly recommend them.

Vanessa L.

I have always had a HUGE distaste for dentists due to my sensitive teeth from an accident to my lower jaw many years ago. The dentists I went to in the past seem to not ever listen to my concerns and ignore them until my first visit yesterday to see Dr. Rallis and his entire staff. From the moment you walk in and Vera's smile and great personality greets you, then Carmella taking a moment to chat with me about my first visit and taking my x-rays and then Diana the hygienist cleaning my teeth was amazing and so attentive, all were so personable and delightful.

I didn't have too much contact with Monica, but she always had a smile. Especially Dr. Rallis and his kind way, knowledge, and concern for my nervousness....NEVER had I ever looked forward to my next dental appointment...I do now! Such a clean and comfortable environment and everyone is so friendly. Dr. Rallis and his staff treat you like a human being, not a number like most places these days. Is is weird that I'm actually looking forward to going back to your office to get my cavities filled?!

Thank you so much Center for Smiles for the happy experience!

Laurie S.
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