When Should I Consider Dental Implants?

Dental implants are considered an extremely effective and long-lasting solution to replace severely missing or damaged teeth. While they stand out among the many treatments commonly utilized to rebuild one’s smile, the question of when a patient should consider implant dentistry over other restorative techniques commonly arises. In general, dental implants can be an ideal treatment option in cases wherein a patient:

  • Is seeking a long-lasting replacement for one or more missing teeth
  • Experiences difficulty biting, or has lost some degree of biting function
  • Has enough jawbone volume to support implant placement
  • Wishes to achieve a greater degree of security than can be provided with dental bridges
  • Wants a tooth replacement solution that can minimize further bone loss

Whether you can benefit from implant placement or are better-suited for another treatment—such as dental bridges or same-day crowns—our cosmetic dentists can formulate the best strategy to help you restore the function, health, and appearance of your oral structures. Dr. Nicholas Rallis and Dr. Chris Chondrogiannis are committed to developing a comprehensive treatment plan to help you reach your smile goals while accommodating your unique needs.

If you are struggling with tooth pain as a result of significant decay or damage, or have a missing tooth that is hindering your smile, please contact our practice today.

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